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Ultimate Guide to ICBC Approved Driver Training Courses in BC

Driving requires serious responsibility. Whether you’re learning how to drive for the first time or simply want to brush up on your skills, completing an ICBC approved driver training course is a good idea. These programs educate students on safe driving practices to help minimize collisions on the road.

This article will explore several ICBC approved driver training options in British Columbia. From required courses for novice drivers to advanced programs for experienced motorists, there is a learning opportunity for drivers of all experience levels. Let’s dive in to discover which class might suit your driving needs best.

ICBC’s Graduated Licensing Program (GLP)

Icbc Approved Driver Training Course All new drivers in BC must complete ICBC’s Graduated Licensing Program. This system is intended to gradually increase a novice’s responsibilities over time by requiring learners and new drivers to gain experience under lower-risk conditions before receiving their full-privilege license.

Among GLP’s earliest requirements are completing an approved ICBC driving lessons course. These range from 30 to 46 hours of in-car training taught by fully certified driving instructors. Students learn skills like turning, merging, parking, hazard recognition and emergency braking techniques.

Several schools around the province offer these beginning driver courses. Lessons are available locally in structured afternoon/evening sessions to accommodate work/school schedules. Completing this initial training is mandatory before attempting your N (Novice) road test.

After N license attainment, GLP’s second phase has restrictions like zero tolerance for drugs/alcohol and no peer passengers without an accompanying supervising licensed driver over 25. The final phase grants full licensing two years after getting your N if you remain violation-free. Both new drivers and their parents should be familiar with all GLP specifics.

After two years of incident-free driving in the second phase, new drivers then progress to the full licensing phase where they have fewer restrictions but must still maintain a safe driving record. Both new drivers and their parents should familiarize themselves with all the details of an ICBC approved glp driver training course.

Refresher Training for Experienced Motorists

Even drivers with years under their belt can benefit from periodic refresher courses. ICBC recognizes this and approves several safe driving course bc choices perfect for keeping skills sharp. These are ideal for:

  • Returning to driving after an extended absence due to injury/illness.
  • Improving techniques that could use honing like backing/parallel parking.
  • Those hoping to renew a license previously revoked due to collisions or violations.

icbc approved driver training course One recommended option is Young Drivers’ 55-Plus Program. Taught in two half-days, it addresses collision prevention, rules review and defensive strategies more relevant as vision/reflexes naturally decline with age. You’ll leave feeling steadier behind the wheel.

Crash Course Driving School’s Collision Ticket Dismissal Program also assists motorists hoping to erase a recent traffic offense from their record like speeding. Rather than higher fines/demerit points, completing this intensive one-day update may result in charge dismissal if approved through the province’s driving safety program.

Specialized Licensing Programs

Beyond basic licenses, BC offers specialized certification icbc approved driver education course programs through schools for certain vehicle classes.

For those interested in becoming commercial driving instructors, Class 5 Instructor College provides class 5 instructor courses. Training involves both classroom education in instruction techniques plus a supervised practicum. Graduates can find work at many of the province’s accredited driving schools icbc approved driver training course.

Larger vehicles require different license classes issued through instructor training courses like those offered by National Safety Training. Their courses prepare students to earn Commercial Driver’s Licenses through classes 1-4 to legally operate bigger trucks and busses up to transport vehicles and motorcoaches.

Riders seeking to transition to motorcycling can take ICBC approved driving lessons from variuos Riding Schools. Basic Rider Training earns a M2 license and introduces basic handling through guided range practice. They also offer advanced courses for experienced bikers.

Some key licensing program details:

ProgramVenueDurationVehicle Type
Novice Driver TrainingDriving Schools30-46 hrs in-carPassenger Vehicles
Commercial DrivingDriving Schools4-6 weeksTrucks, Busses, Taxis
Motorcycle SafetyDriving Ranges2 days classroom, 2 days rangeMotorcycles
Driving InstructorDriving Schools4-6 months totalN/A – Teaching

Additional License Classes

Some experiences require specialized certification beyond the standard Class 5 license used for passenger vehicles. BC makes opportunities available for these scenarios to under ICBC approved driving schools

Desiring to teach others? Consider a class 5 instructor course to become a fully qualified commercial driving coach for the GLP novice driver courses. Training involves both intensive classroom education on instruction techniques plus a supervised practicum. Graduates can find work throughout the province’s many accredited driving schools.

Additionally, those wanting to operate larger trucks/busses will need a Class 1-4 license level. From delivery vans to transport trucks to motorcoaches, options exist dependent on the intended vehicle. Approved programs like National Safety’s Commercial Driver Training furnish all materials and skills preparations to earn these distinctive designations in an efficient manner.

Riders hoping to trade pedals for gear might choose an ICBC-recognized motorcycle safety course like Al’s Driving School offers. Completing the Basic Rider Training earns a M2 designation upon passing making licensed street riding legal. Advanced courses are also available to progress from there.

FAQs About ICBC Approved Driver Training Course:

Q: Are there any discounts available when taking an ICBC approved driver course?

A: Yes, ICBC often provides multi-course discounts and incentives. For example, taking an approved ICBC driver training refresher or advanced training after your initial license earns an Insurance Discount. Additionally, low-income students may qualify for subsidies. Check directly with schools for all certified driving course available incentive programs.

Q: How long are ICBC approved driver training courses valid for license requirements?

A: Most basic driver training certificates are valid for 2 years from the completion date. However, some specialty certifications like Commercial or Instructor training course licenses may only be valid for 1 year if not immediately put to use. Be sure to check individual school policies.

From required novice permits to specialist commercial endorsements, BC provides numerous options for improving one’s driving skills through ICBC approved driver training courses.

Whether you’re a brand new driver or a seasoned veteran, taking the time for safety refreshers and updates can only enhance your abilities behind the wheel. Choose an accredited program to meet your license goals and needs, and feel prepared for any situation with confidence with icbc approved driver training course.

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