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icbc class 5 road test

ICBC class 5 road test eligibility

Study for your ICBC class 5 road test

Driving skills you'll need to know About ICBC class 5 road test

During your road test, you'll need to demonstrate a variety of driving skills. These are the most common skills to practice:

Hazard awareness

Examples of potential hazards:

What to expect on your Class 5 road test

The test and examiner feedback takes about 45 minutes.

Pre-trip check

The route could include city streets, commercial areas, and highways. You'll also go through different kinds of intersections: ones without traffic signs, ones with stop signs, and large intersections with traffic lights. Any time you'll be making a turn or switching lanes, you'll get plenty of warning.

Your examiner may also ask you to spot and point out potential hazards.


After you've finished your route, you'll have a chance to go over the test with your examiner, to see what you did well and what areas might need improvement. You'll find out right away if you passed your test or if you weren't successful.

If you're uncomfortable speaking English, you can bring someone to translate for you during the feedback session. However, translators aren't allowed in the car during the road test.

Retest waiting period

After your first test attempt, you can take the test again after 14 days.

If you take the test a second time and you don't pass, you can try again after 30 days.

If after three or more tries you don't pass, you can take the test again after 60 days.

Tips from driver examiners

Your examiner will never try to trick you or ask you to make illegal or unsafe actions. When you’re asked you to do something, you'll get plenty of warning.

Need to brush-up on your driving skills? Check out our top 7 tips for passing your road test.

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